YUVA Kaushal Utsav

Participate in Skill Competitions Cultural Events Crafting Culture

24th & 25th NOVEMBER 2023

Last date of registration 21st Nov 2023

LTSU has been recognized as a university “of” the industry, “for” the industry, and “by” the industry. Partnering with global tech giants to structure the curriculum, making students industry-ready by training in skill-based courses, mentored by leading industry experts and academicians, LTSU is a place where harmony between technology and applied skills shall not only address the crucial skill gap but shall also be a nursery for nurturing global leaders.

To celebrate the essence of skill development and to showcase the capabilities and talents of its students , LTSU is hosting the youth festival titled ‘YUVA KAUSHAL UTSAV 2k23’. This festival aims to bring together students from various skill universities across India, Technical education institutions & Skill centres of region, industry experts, all sector skill councils, and enthusiasts in a vibrant atmosphere of creativity, innovation, and skill prowess. With a diverse array of  Skill Competitions, Art & Cultural Contests, workshops, exhibitions, and interactive sessions, YUVA KAUSHAL UTSAV 2k23 is set to be a platform for learning, and fostering a spirit of skill development and ingenuity among the youth.


  • Yuva Kaushal Utsav 2k23 marks a ground breaking event to bring skill universities on a common platform.
  • To establish the value of skills and to encourage the young people to participate in vocational education and vocational training.
  • Encourage students for showcasing their excellence in skills.
  • Supplement to campus teaching as the students manipulative ability can be improved.
  • The preparation and participation process is an opportunity for students to relearn and consolidate their knowledge.
  • Encouraging unity amidst diversity among the youth.

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