University School of Education Studies

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela
Welcome to the Department of Education Studies. With the understanding that teaching profession is the backbone of the education system and for this system to be strong and effective, the teachers trained must be empowered with all the necessary knowledge and skills, Lamrin University established its Department of Education Studies in 2023. Since its inception this department has been working relentlessly to achieve its objective of nurturing well-rounded professionals who are adaptable and life-long learners.
We are committed to high-quality preparation that ensures the effectiveness, diversity and readiness of Professional educators to serve all the students. We have been expanding rapidly in response to the changing needs of our society. We offer a full spectrum of Undergraduate and Post graduate Programmes which provides opportunities for academic, experiential leaning and for Personal and Professional growth in times of globalization.
Keeping in view the rising demand for effective courses for language
proficiency and effective communication skills which has become the “need of the hour” in the rapidly expanding global community and the gap between Indigenous and Global needs for the same and the number of adequate programmes offered by various institutes, the Department of Education Studies launched the course of PG Diploma in Communication Skills for Professional Trainers in its endeavour to lessen this gap as well as to provide the quality training to the prospect professionals enabling them to extend their services to candidates who want to further their skills.
The department takes pride in its dedicated approach to equip the
Professional trainers with the effective communication skills that would enable them to compete in the present competitive world by just not focusing on the necessary knowledge rather providing them with ample opportunities for practically experiencing everything first hand. Thus the course presents new strategic frameworks of communication both theoretical and practical demonstrating their applications in diverse domestic and international cases with 40% of the course particularly dedicated to the practical training for developing potent language proficiencies and communication skills.
Staying committed to our objective, we will consistently march ahead to
achieve excellence in all the courses offered
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Programs Under CoE Framework

Undergraduate Courses

Course Duration Eligibility
PG Diploma in communication Skills for professional Trainers 1 Year Graduation with 50% (in any stream with English Subject )

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