Lamrin Tech Skills University to Focus on Applied Research in Skilling

Lamrin Tech Skills University Punjab to Focus on Applied Research in Skilling

A workshop on the “Direction of Research in LTSU” was organized in which participants from IBM, Noble Mark School Gurgaon, and faculty members from the different schools participated. The focus was to identify the thrust in which LTSU shall create a niche. While inaugurating the Workshop, Dr Sandeep Singh Kaura , the Chancellor of the University emphasized that LTSU should be ready for investing in research that have relevance in our contemporary social context and can be applied to change the lives of people” “We must focus on high quality research that have application and is spread through high rated publications” the Chancellor added.

Referring to the comments of Dr Kaura, the Vice-Chancellor Dr A.S.Chawla briefed the participants that the Board of LTSU has already approved the proposal for supporting the high level quality research. He mentioned that as a move, we are going to advertise a PhD program with fellowship and financial support to the persons having high aptitude for the research. There shall be no tuition fee for the PhD program and the researchers will also get monthly fellowship/stipend. “Our only requirement will be the high aptitude for research, a solid proposal for undertaking the research project and meeting the UGC criteria for registration.” said the Vice Chancellor. The University has also established a Lamrin Centre for Case Development and Applied Business Research.

The participants and industry partners were of the opinion that LTSU must pursue the research activities in line with Vision and Mission of the University.