Lamrin - “Of”, “For” and “By” the Industry.

Lamrin has been recognised as a University “of” the industry, “for” the industry, and “by” the industry. Partnering with global tech giants to structure the curriculum, making students industry-ready by training in skill-based courses, mentored by leading industry experts and academicians, Lamrin aims at making India a leader in the skill-based workforce supply chain worldwide.


by the Industry’s Best: IBM, TATA and Ansys

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Collaborations that Pave the Way to an Extraordinary Global Career

Lamrin’s collaboration with Globally Recognised Universities shall help train students under the finest mentors, alongside its own accomplished faculty. Guided and tutored by expert academicians and experienced professionals in international standards of technology, our overseas collaborations are designed in a way that ensures an all-around development of our students that captures the best of both worlds.


Undergraduate programs for adult and continuing students in a range of academic and professional fields.


We prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment.


Flexible access online education from anywhere in the world engage with forward-thinking community.



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A place for EVERYONE with a Dream

Lamrin offers its students distinctive Tech courses, which bridge the gap between skill-based higher education and employability. Our programs are conceptualised and designed in a way that equip you with critical knowledge in both the practical and theoretical realms to meet the required criteria for jobs that are potentially difficult to land. Our skill-based curriculum attends to developing an in-depth understanding of the subject matter that makes you ready when you step out of the campus and future-ready.

Lamrin’s instructional vocational training courses to upscale yourself for a skill-based occupation. We help you overcome the impediments in your career path by hand-holding you to get trained in multiple disciplines, even if you do not have a school degree. Our model of integrated technical vocational training will make you employable and ascend the career ladder smoothly.

Tuition & Fees

This new plan is designed to reduce the average cost of a Make School Education while preserving the core protections of ISAs – if you don’t have a job after Make School, you should not have to pay until you are employed.

Tuition Costs,

  • Fall 2020 $15,000
  • Spring 2021 $15,000
  • Summer 2021 $10,000
  • Fall 2021 $15,000
  • Spring 2022 $15,000


$ 75,000

Tuition Costs,

  • Fall 2021 $10,000
  • Spring 2021 $10,000
  • Summer 2022 $15,000
  • Fall 2022 $25,000
  • Spring 2023 $25,000


$ 85,000


A harmony of nature and technology’s best

News & Events

Skill India Mission

Class for Masses Lamrin Tech Skills University Punjab stands out as ‘Class for Masses’ and is delighted to contribute to

Udaan-e-Hunar Mela Basant Da Festival!

Udaan-e-Hunar Lamrin Tech Skills University embraced the spirit of Basant by Celebrating ‘Udaan-e-Hunar’ Mela Basant Da Festival! 🪁✨ The day

The Campus Experience

At Kempbelle University, we prepare you to launch your career by providing a supportive, creative, and professional environment from which to learn practical skills, build a network of industry contacts, and gain real-world experience. You’ll have the opportunity to generate innovative design and business solutions.


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