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Would you pursue Computer Science or Electronics or Mechanical Engineering? Isn’t mechanical engineering old and dated, and so not interesting?

Not so if you consider ChatGPT and how IT careers are changing. ChatGPT and other tools are writing code faster, cheaper and often better. Rapid product development is replacing multi-year IT service contracts that the big Indian IT companies built their businesses on.

On the other hand, India is building a new economy built on Manufacturing and Engineering. The government, under its flagship Atmanirbhar Bharat and other programmes, is inviting multinationals to make India the manufacturing hub. Manufacturing and engineering sectors create many more jobs than service sectors and are critical for India’s journey to become a $5 Trillion economy.

You should also know that Industry 4.0 is bringing cyber and physical together and changing the factory (some interesting data point is in last year’s Global Employability Handbook). Sustainability has emerged as one of the key considerations. Consumer demand – both B2B and B2C – has become more globally influenced and design thinking and entrepreneurial mindset are far more important in manufacturing than it ever was. In short, manufacturing is no longer the grand-dad business – it is as innovative, as digitally transformed as ever. 

We are talking constantly with some of the big manufacturing and engineering companies in India, L&T, Arcelor-Mittal, ITC among them. There is a real talent shortage in manufacturing sector. Engineers don’t want to do engineering in India and often do not consider manufacturing or engineering as an attractive career option. This is why we have come together with LTSU, which is located in a region which has a long track record of engineering excellence, to create an engineering programme which prepares the students for the future of manufacturing and engineering. By this, we hope to provide our industry partners the kind of future-ready talent that they are looking for. 

Mechanical Engineering is an evergreen field that trigger Innovations and helps in transforming the world for the betterment. The aspiring engineering students need to select an institution which paves a way to a world of unlimited opportunities. The Mechanical Engineering specialized skilling program at LTSU is unique in its curriculum with a blend of core Mechanical courses. This program is project based learning along with Elective subjects on recent trends and Techniques that enhance the students with global employability and opportunities in various domains. This program has been meticulously crafted with valuable inputs from LTSU’s Technology partners, Ansys and ARK Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. as it has wide Expertise in the field of designing and manufacturing. The present course is designed keeping in view the growing demand for integration of modern advancement in Design, Electronic and Computer Technology in the Mechanical field. The department is striving to educate students as the next generation of engineers capable of becoming leaders in Industry, Government and Academia.

Be in charge of your career with XPMCs (Experiential Microcredentials)

XPMCs is integrated in the curriculum as a mandatory course of Lamrin Technical Skills University for Mechanical Engineering with Design & Manufacturing program. All students undergoing or planning to join for Mechanical Engineering with Design & Manufacturing at Lamrin Technical Skills University will undergo upto 6 (six) XPMCs during the course of their degree study. Each XPMC is a team-based agile project lasting 12 weeks and are focused on developing the learners’ holistic capabilities in a work-like scenario

Duration: 4 Years

  • 2.5 Years at LTSU Campus.
  • 6 Months (0.5 Years) Live Projects Skilling at LTSU Campus, along with advanced academic sessions on relevant Hi-End technologies.
  • 1 Year: On the job Deployment (OJD) in industry.

Experiential Projects (XPMC):
•  Semester 1 – XPMC: Product development – Fundamentals
•  Semester 2 – XPMC: Conducting an environmental impact study
•  Semester 3 – XPMC: Scoping out Smart Manufacturing
•  Semester 4 – XPMC: Creating sustainable packaging
•  Semester 5 – XPMCLive: Industry4.0 process implementation
•  Semester 6 – XPMC: Measuring Social Impact of an Organization

  • Introduction to Advanced Manufacturing processes & applications
  • Material science for Advanced Manufacturing
  • Fundamental of Design Engineering
  • FEA Fundamental
  • Design for Additive Manufacturing
  • CFD Fundamental
  • 3D Modeling, Printing & Printer Software
  • Jira
  • Platform Solution
  • MS Teams

The students will be able to :

  • Design a system and perform experimental study to find suitable solution in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
  • Apply basic knowledge of Mathematics, Science & Engineering Principles to solve technical problems.
  • Apply Engineering design to produce solutions that meet specified needs with consideration of public health, safety, and welfare, as well as global, cultural, social, environmental, and economic factors. 
  • Explore and innovate new Technologies.
  • Workplace Readiness Profile of learners mapped to competencies required for respective job roles.

Employability.life aims to put practical knowledge, using hands on methods with flexible and transparent credentials, at the heart of Higher education through XPMCs focused on high demand focus skilled areas.
XPMCs are backed by strategic university partners, professional bodies and globally recognized employers is based on 3 design principles namely:

Employability.life will create for the students of LAMRIN a mentor–led, collaborative and agile work environment. All projects of Employability.life are supported by Project Managers, who are trained
on agile methodology and work in close coordination with Product Owners, who are subject matter experts and customer for the projects (and serve as assessors).

  • The Project Manager will support each teams at three levels:- Ensure that the project teams are carrying out all necessary activities, meetings regularly, following the correct methodology, and member problems and queries are being resolved satisfactorily.
  • Make sure that the communication between the customer and the team is clear and smooth.
  • Act as mentors to individual team members, meeting them individually to help them develop Personal Development Plans, perform self-development and record progress.
Project Managers to provide first line support to the XPMC teams.
All assessments have multi levels of validation. Every project is assessed by the customer (product owner) as well as the project manager. This solution is driven by the candidates. Learners are at the heart of the process through a whole-person approach to personal development enabling them to develop sustainable careers.
Employability.Life’s engagement methods are remote mentoring led support in combination with technology, delivered by trained, experienced and certified mentors, globally backed by a comprehensive library of materials.
Employability.Life’s delivery methods are ISO 9001 certified from inception and all certifications have been built to satisfy the external and regulatory standards of the host country. All Employability.Life certifications will be issued with block chain – based credentials.

By learning the XPMC way, all learners will develop what we call 5 Digital Economy Capabilities

  • Growth Mindset
  • Career Intelligence
  • Digital Intelligence
  • Cultural Intelligence
  • Influence

Course Accreditation: Employabiliy.life and Federation University Australia will issue the credentials.

Career Prospects

  • Mechanical 
  • Top MNC (L&T, TATA, Maruti, Honda Motors)
  • Aeronautical
  • Automobile
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Automation & robotics
  • Energy
  • Textile
  • Oil & Gas
  • Metal & Mining
  • Agriculture
  • Defence

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